“We read to know that we are not alone”__C.S Lewis

Everytime I have troubles in life, I read some books. I read a lot types of  books: self-help, inspiration, short stories, fiction novels…. In a day,  I hardly read only one book. I  read 3-4 books, from novels,  inspiration, short stories to book of professional skills to create a balance. This will make my mind not too dreamy nor too realistic. Some skill books may be so boring, the ones which can bring me to the beautiful life may be novels or inspiration book.
How book can help you overcome depress?
When you read a  book or an article, your imagination starts working. The stories or  words in the books which you read really affect to how the brain works.  By some ways, which are told in books or articles can make us forget the sorrows.
According to a research of Dr. David at Mindlad international in Sussex, with whom only spend 6 minutes to read, this could make their heartbeat slower and reduce the muscle tension.
Besides, reading can make us smarter. It improves the vocabulary of us, thereby promoting the intelligence. Lead  researcher, PhD. Stuart J. Ritchie, of the University of Edinburgh, UK,  said that reading not only entertains us, broadens our vocabulary, but  also has the ability to help each person develop their thoughts and feel the messages which authors convey through books.
About my reading habit, and how it affects me?
I started to read when I was only a child. However, with the development of technology, I had time to bury my self to video games and internet.  This time, I have been using a lot of time for reading because my  computer was having problem. I did not have lots thing for entertaining  so I hope books could help. And the answer was “Yes”. I come to library  and find some interesting books. It was on Valentine day, so I took some  books about love.