It was a summer day  at the end of July 2017 when the awful weather irritated me with a lot of cloud ( i think it wasn't that bad but my mood ). I met you at a unprecedented situation. At the first place, i found you so interesting (hope you felt me like that too ;) ). We used to spent hours chatting without any boredom, i hoped it wouldn't last because i wanted to stay with you as much as i could. However the rest of our story was one that can not be more sad ...........i don't know why, maybe it caused by my behaviours or other factors. So regrettable !
Anyway, it's not real relationship so that i hope i can forget all about it and continue my life happily, i hope you will have vibrant time at your university and graduate with out-standing result. I'll also be delighted if you succeed. 
Time can not comback, so that don't waste your any second, look forward to a bright future and fight for it. Be best my friend.