I have that question at this time, after a lot of things I have been through at 20.
I lost my grandfather about 2 weeks ago. Deeply inside, I felt hurt. But, I have promised myself, don't let that feeling destroy you. I began to smile. I acted positively. Sometimes I thought back to the old times when I still had him beside. 
And I realised one thing, his loneliness. He used to be a strong man, good healthy, and remember better. But the more he got old, he had lost nearly everything. His friends, his ex-wife - even he didn't see her regularly, his freedom. He got sick more often. He always needed someone to look after. He felt useless when he couldn't even go alone, just sat there, read newspapers. He felt lonely. After he is no longer on this planet, I started to think back to my life. I used to have a part of life like he had. 
It is strange that I glad he has been "free". No need to stay in the room with no one to talk with how beautiful today. Or the war in Vietnam, of how he could pass the forest to save our country.
But, why I still feel sad? Can't figure out yet. But, in somehow, I except this life, in the better way. That is how other people live. That is how my life gonna continues. Don't complain, don't show your weakness. 
Every day I hear my mother talks to someone about the night before he left this world. She chose to express her feeling and waste her time on the complaint, tell the story over and over again. For some reason, they say, that is the way a family lost a person will say, will do. But I just saw a woman try to escape from the fact. 
And what I do is totally different. Try not to cry in front of other people. Talk less, do more. You can eat your sorrow when you got it at night. But, pls, live for the present. That is my opinion. And when I dressed beautifully in the last day, after 1 week, I have a lot of complaints. Why can you dress like that? Ugly. But, look at them. Shopping in secretly is better? Lazy on the bed all day. :) I study hard, work hard but all of the other did is criticize of what I do positive. To continue to live the best that I could.
So, what is the meaning of this life, from the view they want to see? Definitely, that is not my point to live.