Hello everyone,
Today, I'm writing about LAZINESS. So, no waste of time, let's dive right in. For example, one day, we don't feel like doing anything, even picking up our phones as the man in The lazy song by Bruno Mars(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLexgOxsZu0). What can we do to deal with it? Force us up to stand up to do our work or let ourselves off? Read until the rest and find your answers.
In my opinion, if we're lazy, take it easy. We don't need to be stressful about that. Maybe we worked too hard and feel exhausted with working. In that case, we should take a rest, pull out all the unnecessary thoughts and enjoy our day(s). Don't mind if we have to work or study with a lot of tasks haven't done 'cause our health is the most important thing. Keep healthy and our works will be the same.
Unfortunately, many people become lazy because they're lazy. They sit tight and wait for the time that they want to do it. But there's a fat chance of it because emotion appears when we take action. In other words, action creates emotion, not the opposite thing. So, just do it.
One Path to Success: Think Lazy

Take it easy!^^
Now, I'm gonna share with all of you the formula to defeat laziness. It includes 3 steps:
Step 1: Find out what kind of laziness are you
Step 2: Ask the question:" What makes us becomes lazy(try to find the caution(s) as specific as possible.
Step 3: Avoid making/ doing these things in step 2.
Quite simple, right? Do follow this rule and I hope that it'll be our ray of sunshine.
Finally, I wanna tell you: Lazy or not, it depends on ourselves. The matter is that you find the right way to go through it. Everything'll be OK.
Do you have some more methods or thoughts on the topic of laziness? Write down in the comment section below to help other people.
Always love my audiences,
Four-leaf clover