91. The time of loneliness provokes many creative thoughts inside my mind.
92. This momentous decision can profoundly affect future events.
93. I forestall the disease risk by going to bed early and sleeping enough.
94. I try to persuade the professor to work independently on the project.
95. I usually prefer to live in the proximity of the school because I am too lazy to move from home to school.
96. The economic crisis and its ensuing consequences negatively affect the world.
97. The school principal is obligated to solve the labor problems in the school.
98. The free CO2 release of this company causes the contamination of the wholesale area.
99. The dwellers in the city were satisfied with their life.
100. Through his action, we can understand his tacit thoughts now without his sayings.
101. The merit of being fluent in a new language is exploring the new culture in the world.
102. The beauty of the butterfly in the sun day inspires the notion of the butterfly swimsuit.
103. Physical Chemistry courses presuppose that the students have a good background in Basic Chemistry.
104. Discrimination between the well-to-do and poor classes has been a problem for many generations.
105. I appealed to the professor to give me more time to prepare for the final exam but I got rejected by him.
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