166. The vitality of a person depends on many aspects including mental health, food, and sleep.
167. Hitherto I tried my best to pursue the love but now I give up and give a chance to others.
168. The laziness of young people plagues social development.
169. I always champion the students who live in poor areas.
170. If one day everything deteriorates, it is not your false, it is your fate.
171. He assaults the others with sayings so no one is on his side.
172. My brother is an adept chief because he is trained since childhood.
173. Indeed, there are a lot of victims in Itaewon's accident.
174. Pursuits like reading a book or watching movies improve my English skills a lot.
175. You incited love feelings inside me.
176. The war between Russia and Ukraine erupted so it brings much pain to humans.
177. The cold weather like today inflicts many transportation problems.
178. A rocket propelled through space.
179. After we do thoroughly all steps of the experiment, we can go to the next step.
180. I contemplate myself and my personality so I decide to study a Ph.D. program in the US.
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