Love is around, like this treat for you. Enjoy reading this silly article abt my life
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Kitty once said: " If we were able to be together, I would be such a stupid to not be together ".
I and Kitty are i don't really understand but we are having ...
No actually were having an amazing time together. That time was freakin crazy and also exhausted for me. Knowing that this shit gonna washed away just like any thing that happened to us. Myself and I, however, could not help myself from texting her again. I chose you and how-to-make-you-smile against everyone, even the most adorable girl said she was disapointed at me. But i gave the shet abt what she said, everybody said and kept on texting and cheering u up. 

I don't really remember when did we start to like really into the conversation. But ummm, i guess it was from the first meeting with all the guys in our group. Hanging out with you, seeing that bastard treated u like shit... . I remember one time, we were going out with our secondary friends and it just dream come true. After eating and having some coffee, ur bf needed to come home early or had some shit to do idk. He asked me to take u a drive home and yasssss i wanted that. Riding motorbike and having u at my back r just awsome. When i nearly dropped u at ur place, i asked you like " Hey it is almost ur place, do u hungry, need some food to eat or ... "
U just like - " Nah im good but ... " 
Gotcha girl with that answer, no doubt, u need to grab sth to eat or at least dont wanna go home. Because u told me that at home, ur mood went down dramatically and I did not want u to be upsetted. We came to one of the " ngô nướng khoai nướng " at the front of DAV and just sat there talk and for me, it's just a dream come true. Due to i was never have any courage to look directly into ur eyes. We kept talking for hours, about anything in our life, relationship, life, school, interest, bla bla  ... . Since then, we texted each other more often and ur story abt ur relationship slowly came to the light. U was not happy with him, he was like a bad version of me, tbh. He treated u like literally SHIT, no offense. " If we r run, we will always be scared " - I told u that u need to step up to take all things belong to u. But i can not understand what's wrong with ur head or ur mind. Is that u afraided of losing him, scared of time spending on that relationship or even u scared of finding someone else. It's just so confusing when u can not let it go. 
Once again, we had a hang out. This time at our hometown, not only went out but also kinda "phượt" Thanh Hoá - Sầm Sơn 

I had to say this but my mind says "Không" but my heart says "Kó". We started at 5.30pm. I picked u up at ur house after missed some way to get there lol ('.') . And we dressed a huge pupple jacket with skinny jeans and boost i guess, me dressed myself a vintage tee, lether jacket and light blue jeans. With all the match and mix, i think we should be a coupe, apparently. Okay back to the story, first stop is at "trứng gà non" in city square and then "bánh đúc sốt" at old market. I was like oh great u at the back eating and me in the front driving the old class motor like a fuckinggggggggg family huáhuhqưpeonkvzuashduhas;daksdasmd
Okay we came there and i was froze ... We ordered a "me đá" and sat at the benched chair and again talked for hourssssssss. We headed back to the city and had some "bánh khoái tép" and bought u a nice ring. And then i took u back home. End of the day, i mean a freakin amazing breath taking gorgeous ĐẸP day.

And during this time, lots of shit happened for both of us. The most typical moment is when ur bf left u at the coffee and chose to having fun rather than waiting with u. That shit is fucked up. Really fucked up. I picked u up and u ask me with a about-to-cry voice 

" Đáng lẽ ra Đs phải đợi tau rồi mới về chứ nhỉ ? "
Oh god hearing ur voice it was like something in me broke. I guess that is the part that i don't want u to get hurt. And what's supposed to came came. U and ur bf broke up at the start of new year and he was the one said that. U was sad and i was the one who always be there for you, anytime regardless of day or night. 
But as the title, SIDEKICK, am i a sidekick ?
U stopped texting me, stopped relying to me instantly or at least not letting it for almost a day to reply to me. And I AM sick of it i really do. I mean it btw. I love u that is for sure and i want to taking care of you. I guess we came back to the time that u give a shit abt me. At all. 

I need to know the answer. Please 

Note: Don't mind all the pictures there i just randomly chose them. Thanks