In the world, there are 2 types of people with little troubles
One, is the kind of person who is ignorant or neurotic because they don't think at all. They are easy to be happy, easy to laugh... because in their head they have very few prejudices about everything around them. They act very instinctively, eat when hungry, sleep when tired.
As for the second type, they also look quite 'nervous', they also laugh a lot and are happy with very simple things. They know everything but seem to know nothing, because they let go of the prejudices in their heads. When the eyes are less dusty, they see everything becomes more natural and clear.
Each of us when entering this life, will have a different belief system (DBS). Each DBS will create a different ego or self. Each different DBS will see the world from a different point of view, which also leads to a lot of conflict in this world.
War is the result of conflict between the different belief systems of two individuals or, to a greater extent, two groups of people.
DBS is built and enhanced from the education of the family, the school, the religion, the media, the social network,... and the neighbor's house. So 1 million people will have 1 million different DBS, even if the same is only a part of that DBS.
So what does DBS have to do with afflictions?
And why is it that the more you know, the more disturbing it is?
Defilements arise only when the actual results do not match our initial expectations. Deeply speaking, the facts that are happening don't match up with the belief system that we have traditionally believed in.
You believe that you will live to 70 years old at least, but just past the age of 40, you find out that cancer is about to die. Your old belief system is broken and afflictions arise. In that affliction, you learn the truth, this body is very impermanent.
You believe that, if you teach your children like that, they will succeed, they will listen to you. But as soon as he reaches the age of 18, he leaves home to live according to his belief system, all expectations you have for him are broken, troubles will come. The lesson you get, you can't impose your beliefs on anyone even if it's your child. Deeper, whoever's cause and effect must be paid, if the father is a doctor, the child will be a doctor.
You believe that, if you are very talented, rich, and have a lot of money, you will be happy. But the better you are, the richer you are, the more money you have, the less happy you are. The lesson you have received, outside materials and reputations still cannot solve all the inner illnesses
The nature of belief systems gives us a lot to expect. When expectations do not come true, defilements arise. That's when the universe is giving you a message / a lesson that somewhere in your current belief system something is not right with the way the universe works.
Even if you understand it all and still feel sad and miserable, there is definitely something wrong with your current belief system somewhere.
There was a time when I believed that the more I knew about the world around me, the happier I would be. However, in reality, the more 'intelligence' and knowledge I contain, the more afflicted I become.
Then there was a big lesson that I realized, that what I was trying to put in my head, into my belief system, was just prejudice or just part of the 'truth'. I say, if the universe, the world or 'truth' is an elephant, then in the process of accumulating knowledge, I can only touch the elephant's leg, then I believe and conclude that the world or universe the pillar is the leg of an elephant.
To see clearly what the world is, what the universe is, we must let go of what we already know. Return the belief system to an empty glass of water, to start seeing the world from the beginning through the lessons, sufferings, and afflictions that the universe gives us.
I am happy to say,
If you know a lot and are still troubled, in fact you don't know anything.
because if you know the truth, see the truth, your belief system will fit perfectly with the way the universe works. It is the final destination of a human being's 'learning' or evolutionary journey.
Don't be afraid of afflictions or suffering, because suffering is a signal to us that our belief system is at fault. Then from that error, we start reprogramming them one by one, until there are no more errors. That's when afflictions completely dissolve.