Hello everyone! :)
    i don't know how to begin this blog because this is the first time i write blog. Wow, i am feeling a little shy right now :)). 
    Okay, let's talk about some things. 
    Actually, i know Spiderum through my high school friends. He sent me a post on Spiderum. The post is about experience of a girl who want to go to Bangkok in Tet Holiday, and it is written by English. So, that's the reason i know about Spiderum.
    Then, i search about this website, and i really like it. Many fields in this website make me so excited. The posts are so interesting and meaningfull. I like reading about dicussion topic, english topic, ... These topics increased my understanding, and i have a chance to know about many people in website. All these people are so amazing and talent. 
    Oh, i think many sentences above is enough for this first time. U know, the first time is always new and not easy :)). 
Okay, everyone have a good day. Thanks for your time to read my blog. 
Bye bai! See u guyz soon!