Did our break up help you reach closer to what you want and desire?
It has been months since our split-up. These days I have been thinking about you, how are you doing? has anyone satisfied your need of being cared for and loved. For me you are more than a lover, you're like a best friend, a brother, a soulmate; have been sharing with you and accompanied by you for all those years. Through all those joys and difficulties, you have always listened to me and given me advice,  hugged me in your lap, rubbed my back, and gifted my kisses to soothe me out. 
You were right and we both know that it was really hard to keep up with a long-distance relationship and maybe we were no longer in love. But my heart keeps on aching and wanna reach out to you, perhaps it has become something more than love. I do not wanna start a closed relationship with anyone else, he is a good guy but I just can't. 

I'm afraid to bother you but I'm just wondering if you are doing well and achieved what you have been longing for- love, care, and skinship too maybe haha. There were no regrets and there should be no regrets for what we both have been through. 
We both will be fine~. Best wishes to you.
Here is a quote that I treasure and reread so many times and I wanna share it with you too:
“One who has loved truly, can never lose entirely. Love is whimsical and temperamental. Its nature is ephemeral, and transitory. It comes when it pleases, and goes away without warning. Accept and enjoy it while it remains, but spend no time worrying about its departure. Worry will never bring it back.”- Napoleon Hill