If only you knew
My heart was in two
While you were on the go
Chasing your wild gooses
Left me out of reach

If only you knew
I was up the creek
Without a paddle
Did some endless quests
Looking for pipe dreams

If only you knew
When you spitted out
‘We were not just right’
Resonated in my soul
Worn to a frazzle

If only you knew
Once sweet love was
Outlining someone’s figures
Crisscross my muddled heart
In a pleasant sunshine day

If only you knew
I laid bare my soul
Sowed the yearning seeds
But sky just got rough
None of them survived

If only you knew
Hoping against hope
My, myself and I
For all this lone life
If you really know…
May 16, 2020
Freeze sunset, 10oC