How was your day? (Day 19 in 30-Day Writing Challenge)

Isn’t it good to have someone to ask “How was your day?” at the end of the day?
I guess it would be great.
The question is so simple but because of its simplicity, it shows how much you care about the one who are asked.
It’s not about something big or serious, it’s just about daily, small, little things that happen in the day. It’s about the ordinary that you might have already heard yesterday, even the day before.
But when you even care about those things, you must love that person so much that you don’t need any exciting stories to attract you.
You expect that person to share with you everything, even nonsense stuff. Because you never want to miss any moments or events that happen in their life.
“How was your day?” - a question that heals and pampers you after an exhausting day.
It lets you know that no matter how hard your day is, there is always a person you can trust and rely on.
I think it’s how real love is.
You accept your partner in the way she lives her daily life, not her in beautiful dresses with make-up on.
So, tell me, how was your day?
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