Hello, I'm Phuc and today we will talk about keep study habits.
For people who are reading my blog for the first time. I'm Phuc, I'm 18 years old and I study Software Engineering at FPT University. I like to code, anime, and writing blogs.
When I become a study at University, I realized that keep my study habits is really necessary for success in my study and my jobs.
# Using google keep making a stick box.
When I have a plan, I know how the work I must do first, it's necessary for me because I don't waste time on something vague in my mind. Let's try these ways if you always waste time on something you don't know.
# Study a little but study every day
Spend time to study a little a day, Example: today, I study 9 vocabulary, the next day I study 10 vocabulary, next day I study 5 vocabulary. No matter the vocabulary I study but I study every day.
The ways make you establish the study habits
#Relax after study
When I study for 40 minutes, I relax 10 minutes and I continue to study again. 
Relax is the best way if you want study for long hours.