Unapproachable, that is the word that will probably come to mind when you first see the guy. His appearance is rather smart, some would say that he is preppy. Yet, there is something unerring about this guy although you just cannot quite put your finger on it.
The moment when you first hear him speaks, he either leaves the impression of a confident, and knowledgeable guy or that of a self-righteous, arrogant, and talkative smartass. There are more extremes than neutral grounds when it comes to the impression he leaves. But he doesn't seem to mind. Or at least that is what he appears to be.
When you get to know him better, you would probably see that he is not the loud and empty shell that you have mistaken for. He is a bit of an eccentric. He can be quite humorous. He can be friendly and helpful. He will offer you the warmth and attentive ears that you long for deep down in your soul.
The only things that he would ask in return are your ears and your heart.