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This is my personal story on how I fall in love with learning, again.
I thought the role of a good teacher had faded away, as students have lots of resources from the internet, mentors, other fellows, and recently, MOOC courses. Self-learning was becoming easier than ever. But I had a change at heart since nine months ago when I decided to take a traditional class. To be honest, I was quite picky when it comes to education, including teaching, tutoring, and learning, even though I was not a good learner.

Chapter One — Am I suited for this class?

It’s an English class, which a friend of mine had continually recommend me since 2015 that the teacher was so amazing, and that I have to enrol in as soon as possible for the reason that the waiting list may extend to the next year. Quite intrigued, I said I would take a try. One day, I logged in my Fb and clicked to the Class page. “Wait. What the heck?!”. A cover, which was full of group pictures with bizarre costumes, immediately caught my eyes. That’s must be a very large class, and the students, most of them were pupils I thought, are not my age. I mean, I was not an old woman, but I had never expressed my affection to a teacher in such an open and emotional way. “It was like a cult”, I muttered.
Forgive me if you are one of his fans. I'm his fan too. But we will talk about it later.
This famous figure made me so curious. Okay, what’s more. Sooner than I thought, I found out his not-so-personal FB account. I clicked to Photos. Well, I had to admit, from my perspective at that time, he must be a narcissist, taking a lot of selfie pictures. I didn’t want to judge, cause everyone must have their freedom of expression, right? He seems pretty young, maybe in his late 30s. Aside from appearance, one thing that also impressed me is his professional manner. From FAQ post to the registration process, all of his posts are so informative and well-prepared. He must be a really hard working person, I thought. But it was not until most of my jobs were in Hanoi that I decided to take his Writing class, the most important in his three classes according to him. But the Lady Luck doesn’t smile on me the first time I registered. The Registration link closed in just 2 minutes. “OMG! It’s even more frustrated than registering for my university class.” Fortunately, there was another Writing class in the next month. This class would be held from 5h30 pm, meaning that the number of people who capable of enrolling would be considerably lower than that of the previous month class, which scheduled from 8 pm. As a result, I register successfully for it.
And that’s how I met my beloved teacher.

Next Chapter — Oh my Teacher!

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