Đề 2: In many modern societies, grand children rarely spend any quality time with their grandparents. What do you think are the consequences of this?
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Nowadays, children hardly ever spend their time with their grandparents. It brings a bad affect to the family bond.
First of all, if this situation continues, it will take bad results to grandparents side. The first thing we can see is the feeling of the elder. They will feel unhappy if their grand children don’t take their time to talk with them. Secondly, it is very easy to know, that is mental problem. My grandmother has lost her memory and get alzheimer very soon when we don’t use our time to visit her.
Besides, It’s take a lot disadvantages to the growing up of children. Firstly, it may be the wisdom of life that the elders can bring to their children. Many researches have shown that, children who talk more and more time with their grandparents understand the wrong or right faster then the others. In addition, this also bring bad results to family bond. Children will not be happy, if they don’t have a close-knit family.
In conclusion, we have two main consequences for this problem. The both children and their grandparents will get disadvantages for this issue.
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