Hi friends, how is it going these days? Are you a coffee lover ? Have you ever seen coffee flowers somewhere or on social platforms ?
As avid coffee drinkers, it is easily noticeable that coffee seeds basically produce your go-to fragrant drink that you have a sip of each morning but in terms of their flowers, it seems quite vague, doesn’t it? Honestly, If my family does not have a coffee farm, I may not know what coffee flower looks like or how its scent is. That’s why I want to write a blog post to share with you the hidden and charming beauty of coffee flowers in our farm.
Apparently, the white color of flowers stands out among the green leaves and carefully looking at the coffee farm from the height, you can see a lot of tiny white coffee flowers gracefully lying on branches. I am personally into the spectacular scenery of white coffee flowers in full bloom as if white snow is falling from the sky. Its beauty may represent the happiness, the effort and the prosperity as farmers spend their whole life cultivating and growing coffee trees for their livelihoods so that seeing coffee flowers fully blooming is their happiness and hope of good crops as well as good income. They have a slight jasmine-like scent and imagine that you are walking into the coffee farm in its flowering phase, you are able to smell its faint scent from a certain distance. That would be awesome. Enjoying the moment and capturing photos of gorgeous white coffee flowers are such amazing and memorable experiences, I suppose. 
Not too many people notice the true beauty of them because mostly customers reach for a hot cup of coffee when it is already packed and available on supermarket shelves or in the cafe. Understandably, many people may not know and care about coffee flowers’ appearance until they see them on social media platforms or even in this blog post. You might think “Oh my god, I have never thought that coffee flower may be majestic as it is”, mightn’t you? Just kidding ^^
So I guess you are wondering about how coffee flowers grow, right?
At first, green coffee buds grow in small clusters along each branch of the whole tree and then a few days later, from these small clusters of buds, gorgeous coffee flowers will turn white and appear in full size. They just last for several days (at least 7 days, If my memory serves me well ^^) before withering and falling from the branch to make room for coffee cherries. However, for coffee trees to flower, they need a certain amount of water. In the past few years, these trees had had to depend on the rainfall for its flowering phase but rainfall patterns are becoming more erratic due to climate change. Now, farmers are watering them to promote the process of flowering and less depending on rainfall anymore. My dad usually gives them water between January and March, I think this is a great period of time to do that. Actually, I have helped my dad water coffee trees several times. One thing I have to say is that it is truly a challenging task if you do not know how to manage a long tube among trees. I always feel confused and clumsy to do it without my dad’s help. Needless to say, my dad and mom are very good at this task. So admirable!
Hopefully, this post will interest you and help you in knowing the coffee flowers' beauty. Thank you for reading my post ! If you love my post or have any feedback for my better next one, please leave a comment and I am really happy to hear from all.