If you miss the news today, Vietnamese actress Ngo Thanh Van just announced a "project to put a Vietnamese spin on the superhero trope", aptly called Vinaman. Now,  I know all the precautions about hasty conclusion and judging a book  by its cover et cetera, but first let me judge the viability of the  project from its name alone:
Vinaman is a lazy, unoriginal project, devoid of ideas and doomed to failure right from the start.
Allow me to elaborate.
Vina? What the hell is Vina, by the way? “Vina” is a bad attempt at  internationalizing the “Vietnam” moniker, back from when most white  people  found it hard to properly pronounce Vietnam. It is a relic of  the past,  a reminder of a once obscure country. Vinacontrol, Vinaconex,  the  likes. The always unkind netizens have already mocked this  “Vinaleague” in  their own way — memes, which I will include below for  your viewing  pleasure. We never call ourselves the Vina people — it’s  either Viet or  bust.
And  what’s up with the “-man” part? Spiderman, Ironman, Superman, Captain   America — these are all superheroes from the Golden Age of Comic Books,   when Americans are naive, chauvinistic, and unsophisticated. Powerful   men who can turn the tide and save the day. Upholders of justice and   unwavering patriots. Between then and now, the superheroes landscape has  seen so many changes. We have inept men and women who fancy  themselves  something greater than they actually are. We have heroes who  are drunk  with power and become their own antithesis. We have truly  omniscient  and omnipotent beings who fail to take an interest in human  affairs.  Who is Vinaman, and why is he male?
Also, why English? Why not “Vinagarçon”? Why not “Vinaseñorita”? The   insistence on the “-man” part is both sexist and racist. It shows that   this brand is just a cheap knock-off of the real stuff, the Superman and   Batman and Spiderman already acquainted by the Western audience. It   plays right into the patriarchal (god I hate this word) and Eurocentric   narrative that already polluted Vietnam’s modern culture. If she really   wanted something “thuần Việt”, how about just use the Romanticized  names  of Vietnamese deities? Isn’t that not “white” enough for her?  Look at  how Wukong, a borrowed character in a 16th century novel, was  turned  into a cultural icon by China. Now THAT is proper culture propagation.
So, yeah. Perhaps Vinataba-chan would be a better superhero than any Ngo   Thanh Van could have ever dreamt of. Stick to being a model or what-ever   you were doing, missy. That cheesy action flick was bad enough.