Today… kind of a bad day.
After such a long time working hard, devoting everything, even my health, and personal life, today can be considered as an end. The journey ends while my effort hasn’t paid off.
Although this sudden end doesn’t surprise me, I still get disappointed. Maybe I knew there wouldn’t be a happy ending but I had ignored that thought.
This morning I went to work, still tired due to the lack of sleep last night. I received the news that our products are banned from our main marketplace. It means we aren’t able to grow. We are at the stake of shutting down.
My reaction to the news was like “WTF?? What do I work my ass off for?”. All of the nights I work late in the office, all of the headache and pain, what is all of these for?
I don’t know how to describe the feeling when you gave your heart out and then everything disappears. You get lost, empty and terrified.
So what’s next?
I hate this feeling so much when you don’t know what will happen, and you have no control over it.
Anw, I think I will have a lot of things to talk about with my bestie tonight.