If you ever come across a sudden upsurge of passion, you will never be able to live with a normal colorless life again. Oh, it's so glory back when you have the best idea you have ever thought of, the most practical, billion dollar-cost idea.
So, now, you are here, calm like never before, even calmer than before a storm is going to hit you in less than 2 hours but without any real storm of passion. You started asking why? Where have you been all those time wasted? Why are you here, doing this particular action? 
Is that true that people will get continuous motivation throughout their whole project of life? Is that true that if you wait in silence for another "short" time, you will feel the purge? 
A photographer was shooting continuously everyday, since one day they realized, their photos were not good enough, not getting enough notice, they are not making any progress. A student trying to do homework everyday hope for a good grade until one day, they realize just doing homework is not enough. It's something more to achieve what considered enough. Professionalism sometimes, sadly and truly, needs professional qualifications, professional experiences, professional references, professional something. How could one person have professional experiences even before they are professional? A qualification? I hope I could attend university for the rest of my life for degrees on majors I want to make progress.
Do not be sad! And do not be disappointed!!
 (is this the part someone would end an article with some self-help tips for you to just feel better about your situation or yourself??)  
I simply want to wish every amateur person in this world a good enough day! Wish you a good motivation!
Annie Le
24.1.19 - 11.25pm