A heart-warming story!
During the night, it was only 18C, quite cool. Yesterday, the sky was grey and drizzly all day. This morning, the sky was brighter, the sun came back, brought the bright sun shining down all of the plants, the house’s roof and my soul. I started joyfully with this moment. I could listen to various sounds of the trees, birds, and livestock and drink in too much of the fragrance wafted to me from the small green gardens and wet-rice field in my small village. Sitting at my desk, I was enchanted with all this whole air of brightly-colour sky; the sunshine was dancing on the green leaves and a lot of dragonflies were flying in the air. Summer is coming.
My house's gate
Suddenly, I heard the heavy voice of the bird, I realized that a bird had trapped inside my house’s laundry rooms upstairs and she was trying to escape the room. I asked myself that if I had opened the main door the day before, the bird had been led astray. Last night, she cried so much that my mother heard and asked me if a bird had trapped inside our house, but (as I hadn’t realized the incident yet) I said: “No” and went to sleep. It was clear that this bird was trying to escape by her wings and her voice. After I made everything clean and tidy inside and outside the house like every day, I went upstairs and opened my room door at the balcony. I sat quietly, waiting for her to find out how to fly from the laundry room to my room to get out via beneath the balcony door. Finally, she flew to my room but then couldn’t get out. The panic sounds of the bird hadn’t stopped any second.
Then, a miracle appeared in front of my eyes. Another bird flew inside my room and the two birds realized each other, the lost bird then followed her friend flying via the door. They flew across the small road and alighted on the big, old tree in front of my house. I gazed speechlessly and delighted at this moment with astonishment and fulfilment. Two birds called each other, eventually, found themselves and returned to their own home.
Life has many such beautiful things.
Today 14/04/2020.