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Today, I learn Ielts vocabulary (14 new words) with the topic: Health.
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New words: Pollen allergy,  Trigger, dehydration,  Infection, bacterial, stroke, Administer, examine, vaccinate, donor, Tobacco, diagnose.
I use these word to write an essay.
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AN ESSAY FOR HEALTH ISSUE: Just a writing to remember vocabulary:
                     AN JORNEY TO SAHARA DESERT
To somebody, Pollen allergy can trigger lot of problems. I remember this: in 10/2018, when I have chance to visit Sahara desert, I got some accident with that. The pollen of Cactus made me sick. In the desert,  there are lot of cactus.  You know that, right! For 5 day, I didn’t  find any source of water. I’m miserable with the dehydration. While walking in the sand of the desert, I stepped on a sharp iron plate, Awk! it was really hurting.  I bandaged my feet to prevent infection by the bacteries. When I came out of the desert, I found some doctor in the local area. They examine my wound and administer me some medicine. They said that I was having defiency of blood and I gave me an injection to vaccinate me from terrible diseases. Luckily, they had found already the donor of blood for my situation. One month later, I was still in the hospital located in the North of Africa. Because of my heart problem, I almost got a stroke in the room of this hospital. On Saturday, 12/2018, the doctor diagnosed my condition and tell me that I was alright.
Cactus: Cây xương rồng
Miserable: Khốn khổ
Step: giẫm phải
Plate: tấm
Bandage: /'bændidʤ/ : Băng bó
Give an injection: Tiêm

1. Pollen allergy: 'pɔlin/  'ælədʤi/: Dị ứng phấn hoa
2. Trigger: /ˈtrɪɡ.ər/ : gây ra
An allergy can be triggered by stress or overwork
3. dehydration  Sự mất nước
You will dehydrate very quickly in this heat if you don't drink enough water.
You will die of dehydration.
4. Infection /ɪnˈfek.ʃən/:  Sự lây nhiễm
A diease that you have which is caused by the bacteria or virus
In order to avoid infection, medical equipment is heated before and after using
5.bacterial: Thuộc vi khuẩn /bækˈtɪə.ri.əl/
a bacterial infection : Sự nhiễm trùng do vi khuẩn
6. stroke: Đột quỵ /strəʊk/
My mother died of stroke
7. Administer: /ədˈmɪn.ɪ.stər/ cấp (thuốc)
Having the marverlous power, superman is able to administer justice
8. examine /ɪɡˈzæm.ɪn/ Kiểm tra
The doctor examines the patient very carefully
9. vaccinate: /'væksineit/ chủng ngừa, tiêm chủng /ˈvæk.sɪ.neɪt/
it’s impossible to vacinate peole against HIV at the moment
10. donor: Người hiến /ˈdəʊ.nər/
Anonymous donor of blood
11. Tobacco: /tə'bækou/ Thuốc lá
12. diagnose /ˈdaɪ.əɡ.nəʊz/ chẩn đoán
12 từ vựng chủ đề “Health” của Ielts
The other ielts words:

1. Pickup= collect: thu lượm
Think of = conceive
2. I can’t conceive how he did it.
I connect the gamepad to my computer to play xbox suporting games.
3. Link up = connect
4. Build = construct
This building is still being constructed
5. Refer to = Consult: hỏi ý kiến
I need to consult my lawyer
I consult the dictionary for that word.
6. Hurt = damage, harm
7. Go down = decrease
8. Want/hope - desire
I desire to become the landlord of Nara kindom
9. Lack - Deficiency
The deficiency of money make that company to be bankrupt.
10. Show = demonstrate
11. brave courageous
What a courageous knight, he is running to face the opponent without the fear of death.
12.  pin down= determine: Quyết định
13. Put/set down = deposit: đặt
she deposited her child in the cradle
Cô ấy đặt đứa trẻ vào nôi
14. Through away = discard
I discard this uncompleted post to create a new one.