I’m a 25 year old man (now I’m 30), My marjor is Hospitatity Management and I have below average grades in university.
But I’ve passed 4 rounds test of 2 biggest firms in big4 and became one of them. The Big 4 hire only the best and the brightest. This is only a partial truth at best. I know this because I have met some really dumb people working for the Big 4. So no, to get hired by a Big 4 you don’t need to have a 3.5–4.0 GPA with a double major in Business Administration or you are a good student graduated from US- Aus. I couldn’t get laid in university because my major- Hospitality Management was a way too hard.
In fact, I received offers from 2 of the Big 4 firms ( deloitte in 2k12 and pwc in 2k15) with a slightly low average GPA, while some of my friends who were definitely were more intelligent and had a 4.0 GPA could not even land an interview.
I had inside information from my friends already working at the various Big 4 firms. I talked to them extensively, and found out exactly what the Big 4 want in a candidate. I then used this information to scrupulously morph myself into an ideal candidate.
However, I realize that many students out there may not necessarily have access to this information. Relax. I’ve got you covered. Over the coming two to three weeks, I will lay down a pretty simple path that will maximize your chances of getting hired by the Big 4.
This series will cover the most important areas that a candidate needs to work on to land an offer. These areas are:
Resume Building.
Successful Interviewing.
If you can master these three areas, you will definitely have an upper hand over your peers and you won!
However, I choose rich every fucking time. Big4 is not a good dream land to achieve my goals anymore
Trust me: Don’t be afraid to fall and believe in yourself! This is a fantastic way to spark ideas and to weave creativity into the fabric of your life.
Tuan Nguyen/ Founder of Le Holdings.