1 - Read the restaurant’s menu. 

The first thing I do after making my orders is to take out my phone. Sometimes for no particular reason, but then I will just touch the 9gag icon to give me a reason. When I notice myself in such automatic mode, I put the phone back to my pocket and read every item on the menu hung on the wall in front of me. Wow, never notice they serve beef curry rice here!

2 - Overcome and embrace the Silent Awkwardness. 

Probably the main reason why we look at our phones is because we want to avoid becoming a living sculpture, observing other sculptures in a closed space when there isn’t anything else to say but “My mom called me. I kinda have to go :v”. Put your phones down anyway. Being awkward? Let it be, it’s not going to kill you. I can even volunteer to say something outrageously offensive, so that you could have something to focus your attention on so we can continue our conversation.

3 - Install only boring, repetitive games on your phone. 

Delete all the addictive games once you have completed them. Now, I only have Flappy Bird, Timberman and some text-based games on my phone, which I mostly play in the elevator because they are fucking boring. The less interesting your phone is, the easier it is to stay away from it.

4 - Send a “I’m having a conversation with...” text then put your phone away. 

When you are talking to someone and your crush texts you, send her that message. It is respectful to the one you are talking to, impress your crush with your manner and free yourself from distractions as you commit yourself to the conversation.

5 - Buy a mechanical alarm clock instead of using your phone’s Alarm. 

Why? Because if you use your phone as the alarm, you are going to turn the alarm off, then proceed to check facebook and youtube on your phone while still lying on the bed. Solution? Put that phone out of your reach and let an actual alarm clock do the job.

6 - Imagine yourself as a quiet and classy mastermind. 

Every movement you make has a purpose, and only the grandest schemes deserve your mental energy. You are intelligent, calm, careful and dangerous. Why then, would you waste your time and effort staring at your phone all day just to look like a fucking retard?

7 - Look up at the sky sometimes. 

The physical act of raising your head up makes you feel liberated and serves as a good practice to move your eyes up from the phone screen.

8 - Close your eyes, take a long breath out, and relax.

Carrying a smartphone around means you always have something to read, which could turn out to be excessive. I have headaches sometimes simply because I read too much from my phone and become overwhelmed with words. In such cases, I will shut down all the voices in my head and indulge in a word-free mental state. Just close my eyes and appreciate the effort of my students’ playing piano.

9 - Constantly walking around the room. 

We look at our phones whenever we are idle. So walk around constantly, don’t let yourself have that idle time. Sit down when you can think of something productive to do.

10 - Only charge your phone when it’s below 30% battery. 

So that your phone is more likely to run out of battery during the day and thus you cannot use it.