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Why does the crowd never forgive?
A wise man once said "If you are doing what everyone is doing, you shouldn't be suprised to receive what everyone is getting". Another way of understanding it is that to be extremely successful, or receiving the result that not everyone is getting, you have to start from what was once unpopular. You can call it unique insight, unconvential wisdom, unpopular truth; anyway you want it, what matters is you understand to get above-average result, you have to stand away from the crowd, and most importantly be right about it. Peter like to call this secret, the truth very few people agree with you on
"What important truth do few people agree with you on" Peter Thiel
So let's start with the most misunderstanding element of secret. Secret is not just something that is unpopular, it has to be true. It is easy to come up with something unpopular and totally declusional, something like the earth is flat and the elite and world governments are working together to hide this fact because they have so much free time on their schedule. It is a lot harder to come up with something unpopular and true, a secret is an inherently difficult insight to arrive at. 
"Madness of crowd is prevalent" Peter Thiel
A secret is a dangerous thing to have, because it automatically labels you as a threat to the status quo. The world is not very tolerant to those who want to disrupt the existing order since so many powerful interests are at stake. That is why religous cults are like islands on the ocean cutting all connections to the outside world. Declusional belief, or unpopular and wrong idea, remains prevalent by preventing all forms of independent thinking and questioning. Confirmation bias and social proof will take care the rest.
A cult is an organization built on declusion. A successful company is an organization built on secret.
"What valuable company is nobody building" Peter Thiel 
Unless you have perfectly conventional beliefs, it is rarely a good idea to tell everyone everything you know. You will invite your own destruction, not a very wise thing to do. Even I do not write about everything I truly belive. So how do you arrive at secret?
You see, it is a secret!
The few who knew what might be learned,
Foolish enough to put their whole heart on show,
And reveal their feelings to the crowd below,
Mankind has always crucified and burned.
The crowd does not forgive to those who dare to disrupt the existing order, so be wise in using your secret at your advantage.

All credit to Peter Thiel
Source: Zero to One - Peter Thiel