2017 was a year with a lot of dramatic events in my life. Coming across Spiderum was one of such, and fortunately it was a very positive experience for me. Now Spiderum is my #2 most frequently accessed website (#1 is Facebook, of course). It's also a great thing that I made a few friends here as well.
My long-lost thirst for knowledge, Spiderum helped me find it. I finally felt like I wanted to read and write again after such a long time doing nothing. There's still a lot of room for improvement, however the fisrt step - the hardest step - was over.
And so, I'd like to thank the founders as well as all of you - members and readers alike - for giving me this wonderful experience. Thank you all for making my journey in 2017 a bit less hopless, a bit less disappointing and a bit less lonely (though I'm still spending these last moments of the year alone, just saying :-<).
Happy new year, everyone. May Spiderum become an even better place for all of us.