61. The economy of Vietnam has boomed in recent years so the life of Vietnamese become better.
62. Apple and Samsung give supremacy in the mobile industry.
63. The war ravages much amazing architecture of Vietnam.
64. The biological authorities give many suggestions for my research topics./ The authorities played a crucial role in the political system.
65. When a bone fracture occurs, new bio-materials can be plugged into it.
66. You are required to elucidate the contents of this research topic because it is a new research topic recently.
67. This step is really hard because it combines many tiny simultaneous actions.
68. I am reluctant to talk with a person who is not a good listener.
69. There is a lot of conjecture about the system damage but there is no conclusive evidence for it.
70. The story of the American Dream has been embedded deeply in American culture.
71. Because the professor gives the wrong content, the students counter his content with conclusive evidence.
72. It is apparent that he is always the best student because his efforts are shown to all people. / The apparent action can reflect her inner side.
73. American troops bombarded Vietnam with many toxic compounds during the Vietnam war.
74. This desk is very sturdy because it is made of metal.
75. The vigorous growth of children is the thing that their parents are very proud of. / A vigorous debate occurs between 2 students group in the class. It seems like it can lead to fighting.
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