31. The encroachment of this virus is not harmful in a short time but it can cause huge consequences in a long time.
32. Hanoi is the center of the Northern part of Vietnam so no wonder it is crowded.
33. Today I virtually spend my time on study.
34. This unprecedented result is due to the continuous efforts in the "dark" period.
35. Research related to Biomedical Engineering intrigue my curiosity.
36. It is implausible that they are close friends because they have opposite personalities.
37. The amount of oxygen in the world has declined during the last 10 years./ The decline of Nguyen dynasty led to their collapse. / I declined to hang out during the semester because I need to focus on study.
38. The contemporary arts extremely attract me. / Van Gogh and Gauguin were contemporary artists and good friends.
39. The government decided to allocate five hundred million won for this project.
40. Singapore has a heterogeneous culture because there are many people from many countries living here.
41. The conspicuous attraction is derived from appearance but more than that, the action reflecting the inner side is the thing we can explore.
42. Rabbits are prolific animals because they have a lot of babies. Robin is a prolific songwriter because he wrote a lot of songs this year.
43. The abrupt change in the weather makes her ill
44. Because he is a content creator so the monotonous work is not suitable for him.
45. The youth people nowadays have an obsession with the Internet. They can not suffer from the lack of Internet during the day.
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