16. The sight of Hanoi at night is astoundingly beautiful to me. It attracts me completely.
17. The aftermath of studying hard is not always a good grade. But just respect what you learn during the process of studying hard.
18. I need to do this work promptly because tomorrow is its deadline.
19. Vietnam subdued America in the Vietnam war.
20. The last extant painting of Nguyen Dynasty is exhibited in the exhibition today.
21. Because his family is very rich, he has a sedentary future compared to the other people.
22. This painting has unrivaled attraction compared to the other paintings in the exhibition.
23. Although he saw me, he deliberately neglected me. It made me disappointed in him. / I neglected to stop the reaction, hence there are many impurities in the final product.
24. To grow, I usually recall the past and learn lessons from past events.
25. I slowly ascend the steep path up the mountain.
26. The contour of the coast in Ha Long Bay is very irregular.
27. The Parthenon palace is irrevocably damaged after the war.
28. Because he and I are not close, we only superficially talk about our recent life.
29. Children with stunted growth can not get standard weight compared to the other children.
30. His schedule is malleable so I can not know exactly what he does every day.
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