136. In the debate, if two teams are too disputatious, the debate can turn into a fight.
137. In the dark, I get scared by the eerie noise from the trees.
138. The tenuous connection between parents and children can lead to psychological problems for children.
139. The government tries to eradicate the bad laws.
140. No wonder that he is prone to choose a big university because of his high ego.
141. The water flows strongly through many fields but it is lodged by the big rock in the middle.
142. Usually, the first time, I develop slowly but when I adapt to a new environment, I gather momentum to gain big achievements.
143. The cells I grew are practically viable.
144. I experienced many impediments this year but I am worried about it, I am always trying my best.
145. In the arid desert, the only animal that can survive is a camel.
146. His sayings are credible for you because he is very truthful.
147. He required me to vacate our room during the afternoon because he invited his girlfriends to come to our room.
148. During the experiment, in order to protect your hand, you should cushion it with gloves.
149. My peculiar actions make me peculiar. (2 meanings)
150. The illnesses of modern people are almost attributable to sleep.
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