1. The company exploited children below 18 years old. Therefore, they received punishment.
2. There are many reasons accounting for this result. / The population of China accounts for around 12.5% of the world population.
3. I am an indigenous citizen because my ancestor lived here for over 500 years.
4. The nasty human action is annihilating the environment.
5. I am trying to assure my parents to give me a chance of studying abroad.
6. Estein postulated that religion, art, and science are branches of the same tree.
7. Although our skin looks smooth, when magnified it is full of bumps and holes.
8. Professor afforded me a chance to join this project. It helps me to understand more about the research topic of the laboratory.
9. He gave conclusive evidence for his solution. Therefore, he got a good grade in the class.
10. The judgers give justified grades to his performance today.
11. He deliberately said some words to flirt with me. But I realized his intention.
12. Because of sudden work, I can not substantiate the progress of the project now.
13. After a strenuous workout, he is drained.
14. Babies always have sleek skin. Thus everyone wants to touch babies' skin.
15. I usually invoke God when I get a difficult question in the exam.
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