At the end of the day, I've successfully found somewhere I can think about whenever I'm lost.
Basically, this place isn't an actual destination (geographically) as it's an online writing portfolio from one of my friends, or just "old acquaintances". Well, sure enough, I didn't like this friend initially, yet ridiculously, now I'm so looking forward to his writing pieces. Should I just kindly drop him an email, merely to remind him of creating more and more, and even criticize him for being this lazy? Nahh... I'm just kidding.
Everything I've sharing here sounds so weird, right? Let me explain a little bit. I disliked him at first, let alone being his close friend. However, ever since getting to know his cloud-based writing collection, I've been so sympathetic with his emotional issues. He was one of the people that I find most optimistic, bold, and perfect regarding all aspects. Reading his blog posts, I'm kind of belittled. Though we are at the same age, and he is even more than one month younger than me, he is much superior to me. He seems to be an all-rounder. Notwithstanding, I can't force myself to like him more. 
The reasons are so straightforward: First, it may due to my jealousy. Second, and this is the dominant one: he's like someone I used to hate to death. His charming facade and rotten personality (in my imagination, and it can be my own exaggeration. I've never expected him to have that "rotten personality") is definitely something that drives us apart. He was extremely friendly to everyone. He acted to be a generous, thoughtful, and funny guy. Everyone likes him, except me. I smelt a rat at the very moment when we first met. I can somewhat read people's mind. As a result, I can sense his insincerity in the first place. The more I read his posts, the more I get to know him. And some of my prejudices against him are proved to be true. It can be one of my personal achievements, can't it? Yayyy!
To cut the long story short, I'm sometimes curious about his life, his career path in that he's one of the roots of what I call "peer pressure". He is so talented that I anticipate him to be welcomed by powerful corporations. Whether he was warmly offered by those firms or not is a myth to me, but one thing I know for sure is that now he's still leading a good life with some outstanding accomplishments. Touché!
I admire his boldness, his endless confidence. He directly blamed himself for being an ***hole, a douchebag. Moreover, he's provided readers with some interesting ideas (his own ideas or the ones he took from somewhere else, but for those thingies, he always sites the sources properly like what he does in a scientific article). I've never stopped comparing myself with others, and this friend is one of those "others". He's got some problems, and so have I. Although I low-key like and dislike him, I'm always expecting his new blog posts. I consider using some clone accounts to react to his posts some days =)) His writings really inspire me as they push me to do, or at least, just to think about something!