August 3, 2013 at 1:11amI have a dear childhoold sister.
After many years with lots of efforts and her passion for acting & performing & dancing, she becomes a quite famous actress now (many people will know if I tell the name). She deserves that for many sweats & tears and efforts with big passion she put into it even without parents’ permission (but her parents fully support her now ^^). She used to teach me many 1st things in my life when I was just a 5 years old kid. I followed her in many 1st steps of my life in primary school, from volunteering (collecting flowers to sell, collecting books,…) to singing & dancing (múa) & acting (at the age of 5, I realized that acting was not for me T_T) & baking.
Then during secondary school & high school, “distracted” by many friends beside me at the age of a teenager, so we were not close any more but still observed & got updated about her news via my mom & her mom as our families are close friends. Still remember the moments when we were together. Still remember when she taught me how to take a bath or our childhood’s love in the drawing class… Many things that I admire her a lot, her passion and her characteristics as well.
So happy for her success now and will always support her in what she’s doing and will write more about her one day (^^) but the main topic I’m going to write here is not about her but her ex-boyfriend. She used to have a boy friend who is a lawyer. They are no longer in love now but they are still good friends. That’s the normal thing in life.
But the point here is that during the time in relationship, her boyfriend -a lawyer at the age of 26+ – joined one of her drama as an actor & realized his passion of acting. Then he registered for an Acting class. Some years passed (maybe 2 years?) and now he just won 4 Gold Medals in the World Championship of Performing Arts, received 1 Scholarship to the New York Conservatory of Dramatic Art and 1 full scholarship of Acting class in Hollywood.
What I can say? What I’m thinking now? Will there be a point of time in our life, we meet someone or we face up with something, then we find out the true passion of our life? The true passion that can inspire us, give us determination and efforts to overcome all the challenges to pursue. Maybe it can be very different with what we are doing, what we think of ourselves or what we think we can do or even the passion that we think we have now… Can it be? (for example in this case from a lawyer to a great actor). Or maybe we just realize something much bigger than the passion we are owning now – the lifetime passion… And all happen coincidentally, no matter how well we plan for ourselves.
Anyone can find that great lifetime passion is so lucky in life I believe. Even though still keep the passion I hardly found during university time (thanks to my dear sister’s advice as well), thinking of maybe one day “this great thing” will fall into me? 
 Maybe one day you will find me singing on a competition trying to become famous as someone realize my potential of a singer. Who knows… right? :)) (just kidding! my godness, my singing is so bad… any VIP can see the singing talent in me, pls help!). Sometimes when we definitely decided to go that way, another events/people may appear and turn us to another ways. Maybe right? 
 Life has so many surprising things, love it ^^
Cho 1 đêm suy nghĩ vẩn vơ…
03.08.2013 Love Autumn ^^
P/S: Chị ơi, maybe you don’t remember how you helped me find my passion as that was only 1 chat in Y!M. You shared with me your passion and how we can find our passion. That was just a short chat between you and a girl who had just entered 1st year university & confused for the direction & question of “What is my passion in life?”. But that inspired me a lot and still kept that in my mind after on. Thank you sis!