Life rushed, the years drifted like a wind, there were the chaos of life's , sometimes we find that we are old. Emotions became faint, coldness filled the heart. I wonder if I can still write when I'm getting more and more chilly. 

Writing is never an easy job. Inadvertently reading a short story of my old friend posting on Facebook, it's so interesting which takes the ancient topic: about the revenge of a Seraphim when his heart is broken, about the singularity of curse. At the beginning of the writing, my friend began as follows: "Harden Steppe has withered into a seemingly endless desert. Grasslands are shrinking very quickly, but that doesn't stop the residents here grazing. All day the kids ... ”. Unlike everyone else, the story of my old friend with the pen name, "Ton Grubby", is not too concerned by the others, but I am a minority. This guy always wrote something extremely which is interesting and philosophical. I have also said that perhaps the decision of him to become a doctor is mistaken, he should be a journalist, a writer, or something else like that. Every word attracted me, and I found a depth in both the style and content of the story.
When he knew that I started to write something, he gave me a heartfelt advice: 
“Literature is life, it is not something that the more practice the more be better. It depends on which color your eyes see when observing the life, and then filtering what, keeping what. Style of writing is just a means of transmission. How much beautiful  it is, in my eyes it is just a gift wrap? ”
To be honest, he did not like the novels that worshiped love with the cheesy words,  that kind of effeminate stories make him nauseate. He said
“I read philosophy, psychology, and science books. Never read a novel "

Yet he wrote very well, sometimes is rough, sometimes is rude, sometimes the words he wrote is very elaborate. But as he said, the most important thing is still the idea. I found it reasonable, the text that contain beautiful words with a flashy style but nothing inside is just worth to throw away. I used to offten watch comedies before, especially the untruthful ones. I got Addicted, so addictively that I must watch by any means. Now, being an adult, I see that it is so useless and wasting time. Watching them, which remained in me, I just remembered that when I enjoyed these movies I found it funny, so I laughed, now if I'm force to tell you what make I laugh, I do not remember. 
I learned from him many thing, it maybe about life. Before, I wasn't yet a hard-working person. Reading book, I harly ever did that. But when it became a job, things became different. I could have not reached to readers or even to those people who are interested in the advertisment news, ecommerce news, imaging news which I wrote everyday if I hadn't had a thorough perspective. The distinction in each article that attracts readers is the distinction in the author's soul. But if I only see things from the perspective of my own eyes, it won't work, that's why I need to read. Besides, I'm not a saint who know anything. To have those profound ideas, I need to seriously research.
Not only do writers need to read, they need to read, they need to study, they also need to travel ... Naoran's quote  (it's is just an interesting sentence I wrote for my job as a writer)
Author: Naoran
"An emotional sky. A heart full of love and emotion. A perfect person in imperfections."