"If you don't save moments, what would be left when time has passed by"
    I remember my mum and dad had taken loads of pictures of me as a child, but never of two of them together. We don't have family pictures. It's not because we don't love each other. We do hate each other most of the time, but there are still some times we're happy.*.

     I haven't thought about saving those moments until recently when I recognise that my mum is no longer a young woman**, that my dad is now as old as my grandpa in my memory long long ago, and my little sister is now having her own path of life. I need to save those moments. 
    I did have a habit of taking photos back to the day when I had realised that my life wasn't full of happiness and started reaching out for (what I now call) the vanity. And for a me at my twenty-two, I've always insisted that photo was the best way to capture my " memorable vanity stuff which didn't include my own parents"***. 
    I remember on a rusty bus somewhere, I was told that someone who had been travelling for more than 60 years of his life didn't take any pictures. That chap kept his in a special place, opening up by tapping a finger to his head. That day, I then decided to keep mine the same way. "Let live in the moment and enjoy it the most, keep the memories with your true heart not a piece of colourful paper" -that what I had set my heart on.
    For almost 5 or 6 years, there was nothing changed. But a me now starting terrifying. There were millions of bad thoughts and questions rolling inside my head since the moment my friend let me know her dad got Alzheimer's and gradually forgot things. I cried accepting that mummy and daddy, and also my unlovely sis were my true treasures, and my ones worth to be remembered. I cried (as) I didn't value my own family. I cried (as) I had underlooked our dearest times. But I'm luckier than my friend I still got time. 
    I began taking pictures of mummy and daddy and started writing about them just then. Really they look hilarious. And this is my first note to them. 
- To my mum: Mummy I wish you can read it, if so please be nice to me, I'm your loveliest child of the twos, not an old grumpy fat lady @@
- To my dad: Can you show up the love to your wife a little bit more, I promise I won't laugh in front of you :))
- To my little sis: I hate you
*I'm so pleased that we do. Otherwise, I'll kill myself. Why living such a miserable life lol?
** I mean to use "lady" instead of "woman" but in fact, she is truly not a lady at all. No lady yells at her lovely child all day long without pausing any seconds.
***How foolish I was