If you're looking for a quick read, then this can be a good one. On top of that, if you like a bit of sarcastic humor with some *cussing* involved, this is THE one.
The stories are quite digestible thanks to the author's charming narration. Even though the actual content includes some major topics such as Buddhism and a bit of philosophy, it was narrated in a much more straightforward and exciting way. As a result, the book is a breeze to read, but still able to provoke serious thinking.

Here's one idea that's worth considering: When we're chasing after something, we end up achieving the exact opposite. For instance, if you're chasing fame and fortune for your whole life, you'll never find yourself satisfied with any amounts of money you acquire, and never stop feeling inadequate as a result.
Does it mean that when we're telling ourselves "not to give a F", are we actually giving too many F?
The answer is yes and no. Obviously, you have to care about something in order to achieve something in life, or else you're no different from a robot programmed just to survive and perform appointed tasks. However, to which should you pay heed to lead a happy and fulfilled life, is the question the author's aimed to resolve.
One main lesson from the book is to quit chasing your passion and look for the struggles you wish to put yourself through instead. Only when you've accepted he struggles then can you live a joyful life with your dream. It is not the glorious awards that wake you up in the morning, but rather it's the difficulties and problems that should make you excited to start a new day. (You may also want to look up the Japanese philosophy of Ikigai, too). The pot of gold under the rainbow should only be the prize for your effort, not the ultimate goal.

Millennials talk a big deal about "not giving a F", but little know for sure how to lead such a lifestyle. (and yes I've found myself in this situation many a time)
Read this one during a turbulent point of my semi-adult life and it did help me a great deal.
8/10 would recommend!