I have lots of emotions. Let's start at the beginning of the day. I usually wake up at 5 o'clock. First, I start taking my earphone and turn on the music. In the afternoon, when I have lunch, music is the best choice to practice English and relax. At the end of the day, after I had studied at University, I went doom. Turn on the music and take the shower. Music is important in my life. If music is non-existent, I believe the world is so boring, non-colorful.
Music isn't a melody or a sound, music carries lots of meaning. Sometimes, it makes me cry
I love lots of songs. A song with interesting lyrics that make me really think about the song's meaning. Let's start with "Hello/How Are You" a Japanese song, producer of this song is Hoehoe-P. You can listen to this song at this link. 
The English cover by Lizz Robinett
The meaning of this song makes me happy. On one hand, the song makes me remember my childhood. I and my friend go out, playing and do lots of something together, we go fishing, have a picnic, cooking BBQ, so forth. On the other hand, this song makes me think, it's a word the boy gives the girl, similar to the requited love "How are you? Alone between these walls, there's no one but me". Sound like, student loves, really interesting.
The next song, "Sad song" compose by We The Kings. This link is below.
Sad song -We The Kings
The meaning of this song makes me remember the film "Let's me eat your pancreas" a sad movie. Base on, words the boy gives the girl who never wakes up because of the diseases. So sad and lots of crying.
Band of music such as Maroon 5, Walk off the Earth, so forth. give me lots of emotions because of the powerful voice, interesting melody, and the best performance.
For someone who doesn't know me. My name is Phuc. A student at FPT University.
Hope you like this blog. And see you in the next blog. Have a nice day.