Many people in the undeveloped world die from curable diseases because they can not afford the medication to treat themselves. Do we believe drug companies in the developed world should be obliged to make their products available at reduced prices in these undeveloped countries so that people do not die unnecessarily?
We now live in a world where we can have a healthy life, an excellent education, or various kinds of entertainment; however, not everywhere in all continents lives comfortably like us. There are several places which are called the undeveloped world. People there try to survive the death of curable diseases in our world because of medication prices. Our world is planning to offer affordable prices for them by obliging the drug companies to make their products available at a range of money less than the odds. We firmly believe that is possible, and in that way, people do not die unnecessarily.
First of all, the reason for operating this kind of system can bring the developed world plenty of people who can be laborers, scientists, doctors or teachers in order to make progress in our world; our Earth in general. In our view, everyone will feel pleasure when living in a world of high development, so it is the benefit from this plan.
Moreover, this system may be a practical solution for the overpopulation in the United States, the United Kingdom, or Ho Chi Minh City in Viet Nam. A part of the population boom originates from the action that nomads or the poor come to well-known countries for a better job with a higher salary. Moreover, day by day, more and more people come and live there. In the end, a population explosion happens as a predicted situation.
Honestly, the most crucial target of this plan is humanity, and we do not expect to look at people's death and do nothing; we are human, not evil, we may not act like this.
This advice can maintain the balance of input of output for this plan. First, we can use the labor there to construct the drug companies, and we think they will enjoy this kind of job as this leads to the safety of many people, including the. Second, the government of developed cities should reduce the fee for drug companies' support for this meaningful plan. Finally, we believe that some intelligent people are in the developed world. We may create an environment for them to learn more about pharmacy, no longer suffer from the disease, and treat themselves.
In conclusion, these are the reasons and counsel for operating this system better, so we hope our belief will come true as the dream of everyone, the world with no disease.