when you are still an under graduate student, life is painted in pink. It is showed in your mind that everything will be fine, that you could land  your dream job, that you could work under high pressure environment, you could work entire day without being tired. 
You do not feel happy.
You do not have time for yourself 
You feel so old 
Afraid of tommorrow
Your english is not good any more, either =)) 
So I have questioned myself, what is the truly problem? 
Why do you feel like this? 

Fortunately, I have the answer.
First, to be honest, I do not feel safe about the job. "Safe" hearin means that you know how to deal with other people and what is the right thing to do. 
At this moment, I sometimes do not know what to do tommorow. I am afraid of that. 
Secondly, my health is not good at all. I cannot remember the last time I walked, ran and went shopping. My appearance at the moment is worser than when I was at school.
Thirdly, I really want to spend time to connect with my interest, cause I found that interest will fill your energy everyday. 
Last but not least, this paragraph is not arranged in linearity...