What do you expect from a romance movie? Their sweetness, warmth, or challenges in love?
How do you think about two people who meet and fall in love each other with all their heart despite knowing their own life time is very short?
Well, The Fault In Our Stars will definitely help you experience different emotions like that and it is also one of my favorite films that left me most impressed up to now.
This film is a film adaptation from novel into film: The fault in our stars of John Green. It is a romance movie telling a love story between Hazel and Augustus. The special thing about this couple is that they are both teenagers and carry themself a malignant cancer. Hazel is a main actress who is also a lung cancer patient as well as is diagnosed with depression. Therefore Hazel’s family forces her to attend a support group for young people with cancer where she comes across Gus, the boy who pays a lot of attention to Hazel for the first sight. Augustus is a bone cancer patient with a prosthesis leg but he is very optimistic and has a handsome appearance. They discuss about their own fear together and gradually develop their relationship.
They have many interests in common, particularly they are big fans of reading books. Hazel is really into reading a book of her favorite author and she wishes she could meet the author one day to express her appreciation for his inspiration in the work as well as to exchange some questions about the unfinished ending of the work. That is Hazel’s dream at seventeen years old and Gus tries his best to fulfill her dream regardless of their health. A moody girl lying on her bed all day and just spending much time thinking about death, now she was motivated to be able to fly to Amsterdam and complete her expectation. I really like the way both Hazel and Augustus accepting their diseases that is such a huge part in their lives. I also like the way that Hazel holds the oxygen tank by herself instead of asking for help and the way Gus wants to drive the car by himself instead of being driven by someone, too. I admire this couple as they are both determined to live their lives like other normal teenagers. Especially, their romantic and sincere love makes them forget about their disease's problems. 
Getting hurt in this world is inevitable, but we do get to choose who we allow to hurt us.
Here is one of the lines that Gus wrote in his eulogy for Hazel before passing. For me, both of them like their choice and Hazel has completely felt Gus’s love, even though their love was in a short time, it was so beautiful, meaningful and complete one.
Through the love story of Hazel and Gus, the author has sent us meaningful messages in life. Although our life time is limited, we can still live a meaningful life as we want and really have happy moments with the person we love. So do you have any thoughts on the name of the movie? Well, there are many things we cannot control or change in life, like two main characters in a movie suffering from cancer, but many of us have the right to decide how to live our lives and choose how to deal with the uncontrollable things.
I highly recommended you to watch this film at least once. It's great that I have read a very wonderful opinion about this movie 
Life has not to be perfect to experience an extraordinary love.