Today's evening was refreshingly different from my daily routine: instead of keeping my head bent over the assignments and homework, I'd like to spare some time with my beloved niece to wander around my tiny village on my cruise.
Upon my way to the culture house, I just switching between skating for a few minutes and picking up my cruise. I did really want to skate the whole road but feared the looks of passer-by. What if I toppled over the sidewalks? What if I fell down? And several other what-ifs. Even though I kept reminding myself several times not to give a f*ck about others' opinion, I was still easily affected by their stares. Easier said than done, right? ;)
It'd been a long time since I went out due to Covid-19. Skating on my skateboard, I could feel the soft breeze of autumn and the petrichor - the scent of the incoming rain.
"Perhaps it would be a heavy rain." I thought.
Arriving at the culture house, I wandered around and tried some new tricks while my niece enjoyed her rides. Even though I had skated for nearly one month, I still hadn't mastered balancing on my cruise and kept falling down several times. Despite all the bruises and injuries that I got from this sport, I still loved it. This is because when I stand on the skateboard and push forward, I somehow feel so relieved. It freed me from the stressful online school and granted me a sense of freedom - something that is the same as flying in the sky, just like a bird.
Relaxed and a little exhausted, I and my niece headed home. Grabbing a glass of water to rehydrate, I promised myself there would be more jaunts like this and came back to the daily grind of schoolwork.
 My awful sketch :P
My awful sketch :P
Thank you for spending your invaluable time finishing this piece of writing. ;)