People always want to talk, they sometimes really open up about their own stories and we should learn how to listen to each other wholeheartedly. I from time to time hang out with friends, with strangers as well and we treat one another really well. 5 things below are keys that you should mark in your head if you want to get on well with them when both of you are hanging out together.
1. Split the bill
I am now a student but I have a part-time job which gives me a little bit money I can use enough for food, drink or something simple like that. When my friend and I go somewhere for a private talk, we always split the bill ( I mean I pay for my drink and s/he pays for her/his own one). I feel much more comfortable with that than I let them pay all money on what we ordered.
When a guy asks me to hang out with him, I always offer to pay the bill because it means that I respect him and look up to the relationship we are having. Splitting the bill teaches me one significant lesson that nobody can take care of you for good so you need to learn how to make money and pay for the stuff you want to own and use. If I let him pay the bill on every single occassion we meet each other, he can feel being used or may get hurt. Life is fair so you need to treat your relationship in a fair way.
When a guy offers to invite me for a cup of coffee, I also don't really want to let him be in responsible for all money on that bill. Perhaps he feels like being a nice guy but I will feel uncomfortable if I am not in charge of sharing a little bit money with him. If he pays for this time, I will find a chance to pay another time.  I don't mean I am serious about it but our relationship can work out better and better if we share everything with each other, including money.
I have just watched a video about my mentioned topic above. I recommend you should spend time studying it.
2. Deep talk
Not few people just want to hang out for beer, look for a chance to reduce stress and feel more comfortable with small talk. The reason encourages them to go out with friends is just to have fun, do some activities together like climbing, watching movie, have meals,... For part of me, I occasionally do prefer to have deep talk with them.

Lightroom - in Vung Tau city. If you have a chance to come here, take a ride to this breathtaking coffee shop
Deep talk can help us to discover ourselves completely and go in depth into our friends' personalities as well as characters. Deep talk may help your relationship go further or you feel more close to him/her. All of us clearly make sense that human beings always have their own problems, mental issues literally so having deep talk with a buddy or a friend that has good chemistry with us can lead to a positive result for our well-being. Take the cases of patients that cause them to meet psychologists, they need to talk their own mental burden to their psychotherapists in an honest way, the problems can be solved if they completely open up about their own story. Deep talk is a considerable way that you'd better try when you are hanging out with your friends.
3. Learn to listen, keep eye contact and smiley face
Some people are excellent at sharing their own story but they don't really work well in listening to others' ideas. Being a writer advises me to listen patiently to everyone and never forget to have sweet twist to make the conversation go further and deeper.
I used to meet some people who were born just to talk without using ears to listen. Besides, I used to meet people who were willing to listen to my ideas and then help me to fulfill them. I highly appreciate people who are good listeners because they were born to sympathize with someone and give people a chance to talk and share.
When you are put together, you all seem to be having great fun. Books tell me how to keep eye contact and smiley face with the people I am having a conversation with because it means you pay attention to them and respect them honestly.
4. Be yourself
What you are saying and how you behave are keys that tell who you really are so remember to mark a point that be yourself, you and your friends will understand each other as much as possible.
When I started to open up about my past story with a friend in Hanoi, I realised that I should have told her about that earlier because we really had tons of things in common. If you put a mask that hides your own self, nobody can be ready to talk to you.
5. What are you thinking now?
Write your own ideas. :D