Introduced your-self with personalities traits
Describe your personality is really important. Personality is the inside of you. It is similar to describe your character to make the opposite person more understand about you.
When I describe my personality traits. I always do with 3 steps. Let's follow me.
Step 1: Introduced your name and your major.
    Example 1: My name is Phuc and my major is Software Engineering.
The example is good but not enough. Let's add some information about the reason why you choose the major like Example 2.
Example 2: My name is Phuc and my major is Software Engineering. About my personality traits, following the 16 personalities. I have an advocate personality that means I really into creating a solution that changes people's lives. That why Software Engineering is the most suitable career for me.
Example 2  is more professional than Example 1. You can get the information about your personality at 16 personalities by doing the test.
Step 2: Describe your character.
You knew your personality. Let's add some information to make your speaking professional.
Example 1: I am an Introvert but I am really easygoing. Hard-working is the strength of me. I prefer staying at home to go out.
Example 1 is good but quite short. Let's make it longer by using the vocabulary to expand it. Let's follow Example 2.
Example 2: I am an Introvert so I really into staying at home and exploring unrealistic yet intriguing ideasBut sometimes I like going out and find a vibrant place. It makes me feel optimistic and releases stress after hard-working.  Hard-working is my strength, I can study for long hours. But sometimes It makes me feel exhausted and stress.
Ok, Example 2 gives enough information and impression for the opposite of person. Let's go to Step 3.
Step 3: Using Vocabulary.
Link :
Vocabulary is a strong tool to make an impression in your speaking.
Some vocabularies I recommend for you.
        1. Easygoing
        2. Hard-working
        3. Outgoing
        4. Introvert
        5. Extrovert
        6. Careful
        7. Considerate
        8. Modest
        9. Trustworthy
        10. Serious
And so on. You can find on the internet with the keyword "Vocabulary for describing personality".
Thanks for reading my blog. For everyone who doesn't know me. My name is Phuc and I am a student at FPT University.
Hope you have useful knowledge to make an impression on the opposite of person.