One of the biggest desire of every young girl is a prince who would one day show up and love you passionately, save you from your suck life.
But growing up means no more daydream.
In reality, princes will marry princesses, not you.
If you have failed quite some times to get the guy you like, the high chance is you may be not his princess.
The good thing is, you can be a princess to someone else. Someone at the same level as yours. The solution is simple: change your target to a less attractive guy.
But there is still one option left: improve yourself to become the princess of the man you like.
I think the first option would be easier for most of us. Lower the standard and get what fits you.
The second option is more challenging but the reward is priceless. You will not only become a better version of yourself but also be able to marry the “prince” in your dream. Even better, you can choose from many princes, and say bye to frogs. :))
The cost is you will have to dedicate so much time and effort, being alone for a quite long time until you are “qualified” enough. And it’s not easy at all.
So, what will you choose? 
Fight for what you want or take whatever shit left?
My piece of advice: If you don’t like the average, then don’t be the average!