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Today I switch from writing in Medium from midnight to the morning.
To be honest, writing at night gives me more ideas and to be more focused, of course, than in the morning. Throughout the day, I met lots of people, and their impression on me hasn’t faded away yet. Therefore, writing after coming home can help me reflect my day most effectively. Besides, the quiet night time also makes room for my creativity to blossom, and I will have plenty of time without any distraction. But, its drawback is that I have to sacrifice my productivity because: first, the evening is usually my downtime; second, I always want to linger to touch up my work one more time; finally, I have so many spur-of-the-moment ideas and want to leave it all out. More importantly, nothing can be energy-consuming than writing a particular topic, coherently. On average, I spend 3 hours writing each evening. Recently, I have struggled to get a nice sleep, and I cannot spend my specious sleeping time to write, which I can do in the morning. I will still write at night, but instead of blogging, I will come back to my old ritual, gratitude journal by handwriting. It only takes around 30–45 mins. Above all, it reminds me of how lucky I am.
On the other hand, I realized that morning pages helps calm me down and visualize my day better. Every day, there are thousands of surprise awaiting us, both good and bad. If I don’t have a crystal-clear mind, I’d be easy to stress out and becoming a half-empty person at the end of the day.
However, there’s one thing I’m still concerned about at the moment; it’s my pace. In other words, I’m a perfectionist. When I write, I keep looking back and check the grammar, sometimes reasoning, and boom, my ideas vanished into thin air. I’m too obsessed with the product, rather than process, even though the meaning of writing is not the destination but the journey. The problem is that I always set a high expectation for myself, and repeatedly thinking “How others think if they read my words?” “
“Hello??? It’s not for others; it’s for you. Stop thinking about what others may think of you. Instead, focus on yourself and do your fucking homework, okay???” said Demon.
“Hey baby, take it slowly okay? Everyone has their own pace, and you’re not an exception. Just take a deep breath and go with the flow. Only being gentle to yourself and letting your brain indulge in diffuse mode sometimes would make you more productive.” said Angel.
Final thought:
It’s okay to feel stuck sometimes, and it’s okay to let yourself wander around for a few minutes, seeking ideas. You have to be patient to yourself.

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Thank you so much for reading this post.
I'm working on writing and this 30-day journey is my first project. I would really appreciate if you could leave your feedback and comments on how I can further improve. I will be creating more posts in future about my experiences and projects.