👇 What can you see in this below picture? 👇
 If you believe in what you see, how can you detect errors of others and prove it???

An ancient fable tells us the story of six blind men who's never seen an elephant. One day they decided together to touch the elephant to perceive how it looked like. One man said the elephant was like a wall, another saw it as a snake. Alternately, the elephant was described in six different ways - one man even described it similarly to a fan.

Most certainly they can't all be wrong, but in a sense were they all correct? Or perhaps maybe their perceptions were incomplete?

When observing and evaluating something, we can easily misinterpret, our perspectives can be incomplete or worst, wrong. In this discussion meetup, we will bring up the topic of perspective errors. Together, we will detect our biases and assumptions to control our interpretations, broaden our horizons, and gradually come closer to the truth.

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