Oh beautiful childhood  
You are plugged in my soul and vanish in my mind
Whenever you comes back, my heart boils for you

Oh beautiful childhood 
My eyes tear up when i look at you 
 My lips mumble, trembling with words 
From the old song where all innocence and curiosity are included  

Oh beautiful childhood  
You're praised in the golden sunshine and  glow by the warmth of it 
Covering all the lovely breaths that keep spilling through familiar faces 
Humming with humbleness but tremendously desirable 

Oh beautiful childhood
How can a thing be gone and still here
How can the birds have already stopped squeaking and  left the trees but still stirring branches  
How can it be imposing in my chest, scarlet red and concrete gray and lively green, and be both a treasure and a haunted burden 

Oh my beautiful childhood 
What novelty is worth that sweet monotony ?
What fork in life can we meet up again at 
and in that blessed bend of time i will grasp myself and whisper the beloved words from that old song 

Then when the bend is straighten 
my tear will fall and my heart will boil for you at that once ...

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