Author: Naoran
Aoki crossed over the largest forest behind Kiran kingdom, his legs moved lightly from one pine branch to another in a flash like a squirrel. Covering body with a small layer of magic, sharp thorns on trunk of trees or small, rough rocks which were saken could not stop him.
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The first rule of maintaining the speed like this is not letting yourself slip while moving, he could not help but transmit a strong flow of Magic power but not too large down to the soles of his feet. Four hours had passed, but he still kept his pace. Night came down, and there was a rustling sound in the forest somewhere.
A new day began. The second day. The third day.
It was five days in a row. Where the river is, but if the summer does not pass, it will be dry. Sweat dripped from his delicate face, his light, curly black hair floated down to his shoulder, and he breathed in haste, apparently he now reached his limit. Those that chased after him in the back still didn’t stop…
However, that story still did not begin. Let sand grains of time take you to the past.
A long time ago. Somewhere in Shirone continent. The Mieda meadow has never been so beautiful for hundreds of years, and the entire kingdom of Rem is filled with the red color of Nara flower under the power of Raito, the summer’s reigning God. Summer beauty dyes every small corner, roads. Sunbeam gently shined everywhere. Sometimes, having light drizzles, the light passing through the sky, the seven color rainbow appeared brilliantly.
The silent, blue Riva river stretches along the vast meadow. When the night came down, the villagers gathered on the banks of the river burning fire, the light from the torches stretching along the river like a golden, sparkling, miracle long snake.
In the country of Rem, the Varen village is located upstream of the Riva river. When the night dragged down, the mysterious stories began, the children were intoxicated in the voice of Midane, the village patriarch. 
The old lady started her stories: 
“Let me tell you! This is an ancient story, the people of our age have been told when we were young. This world was full of the miracle at that day, magic flows throughout branches of grass, there was nowhere which didn’t have energy.
Thanks to that energy, our ancestor can use strong power. Human live as long as Elves. Thus, Elves also developed, Expanded their land to a larger part of this continent when the forests under the influence of Noctune; the world tree stretched out seemly endless.
Elves could not live without the trees. However, there were a few members of the elves who left their territory, living in the outside world with other races. Dwaft, the dwarf is the species that the elves hate, perhaps because of their rough, sleazy appearance. 
Elves consider themselves to be the noble species, their dressing style exudes a sophisticated, elegant, luxurious look. Elves have a smooth, bright white skin and they love to wear yellow and green clothes, especially silver-white, except for the shadow dark elves with brown skin and this species likes less sophisticated costumes. Elves are famous for Mydrid steel, which has not a large reserve and only exists in their territory. Elves are the best Archers and swordsmen. Especially they are really good at magic. Their almost immortal life is an evidence to that.
Magic can do many things including preventing death. However, Elves think that death is a sacred thing, they never call the dead back to living life. That kind of spell is considered taboo magic and is not mentioned in any popular books of them and no one had said that it has been seen.” “So what about dwarfs, do they live in the canyons?” A boy suddenly interrupted the old woman. 
Midane with a hoarse, thoughtful voice answered: 
“Ren! I don’t know so clearly, all just heard back by my ears. The Dwarf race lives right in the big rock mountain. They dug the tunnels, built an interconnected housing system. There is a large world of dwarves in Hali valley, inside Shino mountain. This enabled them to easily move and form a defensive structure of the territory. Dwarves are talented miners, they have a passion for rare minerals, especially gold and gems.
The Tonoru emerald which is as big as the entire dragon’s head, located in the center of this construction, deep in the mountain of Shino is a treasure that dwarves are proud of, proving the stature of the dwarf kingdom for thousands of years. It had a legend for that when moving to Shino mountain, far away from the Orc claws, digging into the ground, into the mountain they luckily took out a precious mineral, the giant gem Gemini. 
The most elite dwarf artisans were chosen to craft the gem, they cut the hard shell of this beautiful mineral, choosing the most quintessential part of the Gemini block, sharpening, grinding each small corner for years. In the end, after 10 years, the Tonoru emerald finished. The dwarf happily celebrated that achievement. Tonoru emerald was placed in the center of the kingdom. It was so important, they believed that the dwarf’s history would end when this emerald broke. Other parts outside of Gemini are not thrown away but are also crafted into hundreds of smaller gems. 
Among them, there is the Gina gemstone sent to King Anoru of Rem kingdom, where we live with a message of peace and alliance. Gina emits a soft blue light every time someone touches it, which is considered to bring good luck. As a precious gift, King Anoru is pleased and proud of that among the hundreds of gems crafted from Gemini’s outer part, Gina is the most beautiful jewel. The following kings, who have Gina in their hand, are the ones who possess the royal power.”
Suddenly stopping the story, hand holding Darin pipe with her shoulder, igniting the flame, letting out a long breath, a relaxed expression, white smoke rising follow each hiss, Midane continued:
“Not only Gina, nine other jewels with a lot of precious treasures which hard to refuse were also sent to different countries of the human. The power of the Demon King and his allies, Orc clan made the Drafts wiser when they themselves had to leave Darmun’s territory because of the invasion of the Demon race. The friendship and intimacy between human and Dwarfs lasted for thousands of years, until now. Dwarfs are loyal and brave warriors, they are not skillful but very powerful despite their rough appearance …”
A little girl, only five or six years old suddenly interrupted with her chubby lips:
– So Midane-Obaasan! Do dwarves sent jewels to elves?
Midane, with an affectionate look, her face is full of wrinkles. She softly pondered and answered:
– Oh Ne, my little niece, how can I forget to think about this. The answer is no my little Ne. Dwarves never forget the contempt of the Elves to them. Besides, in the eyes of the Drafts, Elves are only an arrogant but cowardly species. Of course, Elves are not cowardly at all, but compared to the deadly Dwafts warriors, the Elves are only involved in the war when they know they can win. However, the dwarves didn’t like this, the Elves left the dwarf alone when the dark army appeared, even when the dwarfs gave up their pride to beg. And the answer was a cold, shaking refusal of Varyine, the Elf queen at that time, only one human nation courageously came to rescue. Humans know that demons will not give up their scythes without destroying all opposing creatures. However being slaves is more self-destructive. The elf species, despite their rich knowledge, was just standing by and only looking at. Haizzz. Ne. That’s life!” The little girl named Ne listened intently to the story.
Midane was pleased, taking the cigarette, telling the unfinished story: “However, the unified army of dwarves and a human country is nothing under the power of the enemy. Though, with the help of other human nations, the Dwaft race successfully escaped. They moved to the Shino mountains, next to the Hali valley. Maybe, Dwarfs race was very grateful, they chose humanity as their ally. Ten precious gems sent to ten Human kingdoms had its own reasons. They are the ten most beautiful and powerful jewels among hundreds of gems crafted from the outer layer of Gemini. If the Gina gem with blue color brings good luck, the Murakiri purple gem can give its users overwhelming elemental magic power. This jewel was given to Prince Rinko, the son of King Ranta of Gan. Some years later, Rinko was famous for his commanding talent of the magical army.
More especially, Hera gem can bring hundred living years for owners. About the other jewels, I don’t know what their names are, There must be some hidden secret about it. However, they are only the treasures made from the outer layer of the magical Gemini. If only I had one day to see the giant emerald Tonoru!” 
Telling about this, Midane’s old eyes could not hide the light of hope. Perhaps the old woman still thought that a miracle would happen to her husband, sickly old man named Noru. Then her face suddenly became sad, the little faith suddenly came to an end, because how could it be. 
The night is getting darker and darker, the sky is full of shining stars, the story was not over yet, but Midane knows it is time for children to go to sleep. Obediently listening to the words of Midane, children left the fire in the middle of the village and returned to their home. They would have beautiful dreams tonight.
End of Chapter 1.
Author: Mr. Otaku