December 18, 2011

"Yo, wanna go for a one night stand?"

"Nah, I ain't up for it yet..."

"C'mon you're already 17. It's normal for us here in Japan. Besides, you're going back to Vietnam forever in 2 days. This is your last chance to be a man with us !"

"Alright alright, I'm in. Take me there."

The conversation lasted for a few seconds on a bus, but it was meaningful in that it gave me a new taste of sensation. Yeah, I had like 80 bucks left, and that night I paid 50 for like only half an hour of pleasure. One night stand? Well to be fai, it was "One stand", not "One night stand". And I was quite fucking nervous. I asked myself what if my parents knew? What if something went wrong? What if that woman laughed at me because it was my first time? Eventually I thought "Man, screw this shit, let's just go with it". In Vietnam, a majority of the population still consider sex as some sort of a taboo, so yeah it was quite uneasy for me at first. But still, well, there goes my virginity.

That night, after finishing that "business", I returned home to my campus and took a walk around. It was already 1am, with the wind blowing through my mind as my shoes hit the pavements. After breaking up with my ex that November, I still had not yet recovered. Later on I would often joke with my friends about it, calling it "post breakup trauma". The streets were incredibly quiet, a typical trait of the peaceful outskirts of Singapore. There wasn't even a fly. As I continued walking, the intensity of psychological pressure increased in my mind, as I was preparing to return to Vietnam for good after getting my sorry ass kicked from the nursing college. Yeah, you heard it right: Nursing. Why in the world would a 17-year-old boy wasted thousands of dollars on that kind of diploma? When I told my friends in Vietnam about my stories and experiences there, most of them went jaw-dropping and some laughed in my face. It was not a tough job, however, it was just myself not being able to handle the heat inside the hospital environment. After disappointing grades, I had no choice but to go back to find an escape from that miserable study course. So yeah for those final days there, I was living off-the-edge.

"Damn, you spent your first time with a ho? But you were only 17?"

"Well sometimes you gotta improvise things with your RIGHT brain, right?"

"So how was it?"

"Dude, don't ask."