There were various occasions in my life where I could have gotten myself a girlfriend. All those girls were nice and I was interested in them. Perhaps I unknowingly made them fall in love with me as I didn't really have any intention to do so at first. Still, I rejected them all when they raised the love flag as they all lacked something I was looking for. I knew that it would hurt them even though I didn't want so. Then I wondered, why would I get them involved in the first place?

As time passes, people change. I wonder if I would feel the same towards those girls. Some feelings are still the same, some are different. I can't even define what is love anymore, I might have lost it somewhere along my life. To me, everything seems just too hazy.

But I do realize that somehow I miss the "them" in the past. I feel like my feelings back then were much clearer. If only I could have given all of them what they wanted from me - love, maybe - even if a little. But I'm bounded by the rule of this world:

One's love is endless, yet it can only be given to one.

How cruel.